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What Caregivers Need to Know About Dementia Care


Family caregivers frequently seek the advice of geriatric experts, whether they are new to caregiving or have been caring for someone who is further along in their disease process.

Regardless of the timing, seeking additional education and medical training in Maryland is a wise step to take as a family caregiver. Specific education and medical-related training, including how to help someone with their daily living will help you prepare for the many challenges of Alzheimer`s and related dementia.

A useful beginning point is to gain a basic understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and associated dementias. This will lay the groundwork for a good caregiver. To begin your education, you need to include the following:

  • Alzheimer’s disease stages including signs and symptoms of each stage
  • Alzheimer’s challenging behaviors
  • Self-care for caregivers

During health training, you can ask health educators and medical professionals for more information and have your questions regarding caring for someone with dementia answered. They can assist you in understanding the illness and navigating the difficulties you may face.

Solid Rock Health Educators can provide caregivers healthcare training and staffing in Pikesville, Maryland. Connecting with us allows you to connect with other caregivers. Until your caregiver training is completed, you can learn from one another and develop a support structure for yourself and others.

Knowledge is important, but learning and applying the skills required in the everyday course of caregiving can assist you in the actual moments of caregiving.

Do you require healthcare training? Call us right away at 410-486-2582 or 410-486-2595!

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